What do I gain from coaching?

For starters, you learn to be present with what is, and how to make changes to your life based on who you are now and not some earlier version of yourself.

Is something missing from your life?

What can you amplify or expand?

What do you want to let go of?

Photo by Jeremy Perkins, Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Perkins, Unsplash

become self-aware

Self-awareness is at the core of coaching and a critical component of well-being.

Get clarity on what you want to change, what is working and where to focus your attention.

Face fear

Change makes us vulnerable and requires self-compassion and courage to initiate and sustain. You cannot grow without change.

I help clients to initiate change, face fear and discover the excitement and new possibilities changes can bring.

Photo by Max Van den Oetelaar, Unsplash

Photo by Max Van den Oetelaar, Unsplash

coach cindy

As your coach I’ll be your sounding board, reflecting back what I hear you say to help you connect the dots. Together we’ll create the space for you to be with your emerging self and work things out. You will (re)discover your resourcefulness and gain access to power you may not have known existed within you.