How to Begin

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Coaching services

  • I offer 1-1 coaching via phone and Skype

  • Custom group coaching

How much coaching do you need?

  • It depends on your situation and what kind of changes you aim to make.

  • Generally, I recommend a minimum of 10 coaching sessions, occurring over a 5-month period. The initial phone consultation helps me to understand the scope of what you are working on. You could need more or less coaching to achieve your goals. Everyone is different.

I’m interested. How Do I get started?

  • Go to CONTACT and fill out the form. It starts with you telling me what you want help with.

  • I will follow-up with more questions or schedule a free consultation with you.

  • If we’re a fit, you sign an agreement, pay for your initial sessions and show up for coaching.

  • The first session is a Discovery, a special session used to further define your WHY.

A few FAQs

  • Is coaching like therapy? Coaching is NOT Therapy. Therapy deals with the past and is a treatment for various conditions like anxiety, depression and more. Coaching starts with the present and seeks to support you in your quest for your best future.

  • If you’re in therapy, can you also have a coach? Yes, and your therapist should be informed that you are in a coaching relationship, and vice-versa.

  • How can I get the most out of my coaching? Show up, be present, commit to change.