Why presence?

Who are you? Who are you becoming? Transformation begins inside, but whether we like it or not, our appearance is part of our story. It’s not the most important part, but it is what others see when they meet us - so it matters.

Are you satisfied with how you come across? Do you feel that your authentic self is aligned with what you are presenting externally, your Personal Brand? Sometimes during transformation, clients discover that their image also needs to be refreshed. Somehow the inside and outside feel out of sync.

I have worked with people to develop a more Powerful Presence, one that exudes confidence and is an expression of who they are presently. Whether it’s your body language, posture or how you express yourself - your voice - I can help you amplify your presence, re-align and feel authentic in the many situations in which you find yourself. Learn to be yourself anywhere!

Executive Presence

Executives and leaders need to demonstrate their talents but also need to come across as confident, powerful and trustworthy in order to be effective.

New leaders or experienced leaders who find themselves in unfamiliar territory may not feel that they have the presence necessary to capture the attention of their peers or those they lead.

If you want to become more captivating in formal and informal situations, and remain true to who you are, get coached!

Situational Presence

Do you play chameleon? Changing your mannerisms and behavior drastically to suit each situation you are in? I used to compartmentalize myself and my life, showing different parts to different people until I got coached.

Coaching puts you in touch with who you are today and who you are evolving into. But most importantly, coaching helps integrate the different aspects of your life into one, powerful YOU. Learn to be yourself anywhere you are and amplify the parts you want to emphasize. Show your panache!

Photos from Unsplash and Canva