Image by Joshua Bolton, Unsplash

Image by Joshua Bolton, Unsplash

Let’s BEGIN.

We start from wherever you are,

and help you move towards where you want to be.

I offer a free consultative call, up to 45 minutes, to help us determine:

  • Is coaching for you?

  • Is this the right time for coaching?

  • What’s your goal for coaching?

  • Is Cindy the right coach for you?

    [If we’re not a fit, I will do my best to recommend another coach.]

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Tell me

What is drawing you to coaching? Is there some aspect of your life you want to improve or expand?

If you have a goal you are struggling to reach or need support for some endeavor, let me know what it is.

Even a simple message, “I don’t know where to start,” gives me an idea of where you are and how I might help you. The first step to any goal, no matter the size, is to just BEGIN.

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