A catalyst for change.

I am no stranger to change -

a “Multi-Potentialist” who’s always had an interest in creating.

It has taken different forms: writing, learning program development, performance, and making stuff.  “I run on creative juice!”

 Before getting coached, I spent years juggling and sometimes suppressing my interests, believing what one well-meaning advice-giver said at my college English Honors awards ceremony,” You’ll have to choose!” I loved writing AND photography, but that unsolicited advice given to me by a stranger became a sentence buried in my subconscious, manifesting as back-up plans and suppression of my “wilder” parts. I felt insecure and unsure. 


I pursued what I thought I should, what I thought made sense (to others). What seemed possible, safe.

I lost connection to my true desires, and my interests became a source of anxiety. I grew frustrated, fragmented and confused. I worried about change because everything felt beyond my control. 

I was on a path that didn’t feel like it was mine. Then one evening about 6 years ago I attended a workshop and was exposed to coaching through a demo.

I was intrigued!

I turned to coaching first as a client and later as a coach certification candidate. 

Coaching became my path back to me and to a career I am passionate about.

 I stopped focusing on “becoming” and started to learn how to “be,” to live in the present and envision a future that allowed me to express my self and contribute something important to others. Now I help people create the life they envision.

My hometown - NYC. Photo by Cindy Lamar

My hometown - NYC. Photo by Cindy Lamar

Working with a coach enabled me to take risks.

I relocated. Steered my career in a new direction. Resumed my interest in music, expanding it to include production. 

I feel a greater sense of ease, confidence and freedom.

Don’t you want that for yourself?